How to Rewire Your Outlets for Maximum Safety and Convenience


Rewiring electrical outlets in your home can provide maximum safety and convenience. However, working with electricity can be dangerous if proper precautions are not taken. This guide will walk you through the steps I take to safely rewire outlets for optimal functionality in my home.

Reasons to Rewire Outlets

There are several good reasons to rewire the outlets in your home:

Safety Gear Needed

Rewiring outlets requires working inside the home's electrical system. To stay safe, I always use:

Turning Off Power

Before touching any wires, I take these steps to cut power:

This prevents electrocution while I'm exposed to wires.

Removing the Old Outlet

With power off, I follow these steps to remove the outlet:

  1. I unscrew the cover plate and remove it.

  2. I unscrew the mounting screws holding the outlet in place.

  3. I slowly pull the outlet out of the electrical box, being careful not to touch the wires.

  4. I unscrew the wires one at a time, leaving some slack.

  5. I use wire strippers to strip away about 1/2 inch of insulation from each wire.

  6. I wrap electrical tape around the exposed wires to prevent contact.

Installing the New Outlet

To install the new GFCI or 20 amp outlet, I:

  1. Connect the black hot wire to the brass screw.

  2. Connect the white neutral wire to the silver screw.

  3. Connect the bare ground wire to the green screw.

  4. Make sure screws are tight and no copper is exposed.

  5. Push all wires neatly into the box and mount the outlet.

  6. Screw on the cover plate.

  7. Label the breaker once complete to indicate the updated outlet.

Testing the New Outlet

Before turning power back on, it's crucial that I test my work:

Once I pass these checks, I turn the main breaker back on and flip the individual circuit breaker on. I then plug in a lamp to confirm the outlet is working properly.


Rewiring outlets is an important way to upgrade safety and usability in my home. By taking the proper electrical precautions and following key steps, I'm able to complete this project safely and with great results. The peace of mind and convenience of updated, robust outlets is well worth the effort.