How to Safely Bury Underground Wires for Landscape Lighting

How to Safely Bury Underground Wires for Landscape Lighting


Installing landscape lighting can greatly enhance the beauty and security of your outdoor space. However, running electrical wires underground is often necessary to keep everything looking neat and tidy. Though it may seem daunting, burying wires is a straightforward DIY project if you take the proper safety precautions. In this guide, I'll walk through the complete process to help you safely bury underground wires for your landscape lighting.

Planning the Wiring Layout

Careful planning is crucial when burying landscape lighting wires. Here are some key steps:

Digging the Trenches Safely

Digging trenches improperly can lead to damage and dangerous mishaps. Follow these guidelines:

Running & Burying the Wires

Here are some tips for properly installing your low voltage landscape lighting wires:

Safety Tips


The key to safely running underground low voltage wiring for landscape lights is careful planning, proper soil precautions, and safe digging techniques. Make sure to call 811, hand dig near utilities, shore trenches, and use extreme care when burying wires. With some diligence, you can install a beautiful and hassle-free landscape lighting system.