How to Safely Dispose of Used Syringes

How to Safely Dispose of Used Syringes

Disposing of used syringes improperly can lead to accidental needle sticks and spread of disease. Proper disposal is crucial for community health and safety. This guide covers recommended practices for safe syringe disposal.

Find Your Local Syringe Disposal Options

The first step is identifying legal and accessible syringe disposal options in your area. There are several recommended methods:

If no disposal options are accessible to you, lobby local government and health departments to provide syringe disposal resources in your community. Improper disposal puts everyone at risk.

Use a Sharps Container

To safely contain used syringes before disposal:

You can purchase sharps containers from pharmacies or medical supply stores. Ask doctors for a free one if needed.

Prepare Syringes for Disposal

To make syringe disposal safer:

Proper preparation minimizes the risk of sticks, reuse, and identifiable waste.

Dispose at Designated Sites

To complete disposal:

Responsible disposal protects waste handlers and our communities. Never throw loose syringes in public trash or recycling. Follow these steps and use local syringe disposal programs whenever possible.