How to Safely Rewire Your 120 Year Old Home Without Burning it Down

As the proud owner of a 120 year old home, I understand the desire to update the electrical wiring to support modern appliances and lighting. However, working with wiring this old comes with risks that require careful planning and execution. Here is my guide on how to safely rewire a 120 year old home without burning it down:

Evaluating the Existing Wiring

Before touching anything, I need to thoroughly evaluate the existing electrical system. This involves:

Thorough evaluation reveals the extent of upgrades needed. I'll engage a qualified electrician if it's beyond my skill level.

Developing a Rewiring Plan

Once I understand the current wiring, I can develop a remodeling plan. Key points:

I'll get all required permits and ensure my plan meets local building codes.

Preparing the Home for a Safe Rewiring Process

I take key steps to prevent accidents once the rewiring work begins:

Advance preparation minimizes risks once light switches start getting gutted!

Working Slowly and Safely as the Rewiring Progresses

The process requires patience and care. I make sure to:

By taking it slow and steady, I minimize chances for harm.

Completing the Project and Staying Safe Afterward

Once the new wiring is installed properly throughout, I:

Staying diligent about electrical safety is vital in my revitalized vintage home!


While rewiring a 120 year old home has risks, careful planning and slow execution can allow the project to be completed safely. The keys are fully evaluating the original system, designing an appropriate upgrade plan that meets codes, thoroughly preparing the space, having licensed electricians perform the risky work, taking a slow and cautious approach, properly inspecting the finished product, and staying vigilant about electrical safety afterward. With patience and care, I can achieve the wiring upgrades I need without having to rebuild my beloved historic home from the ground up!