How to Safely Run Extension Cords Outdoors

Running extension cords outdoors requires some special considerations to ensure safety and prevent hazards. Improperly run cords can pose risks of electrocution, fire, and damage to equipment. By following key guidelines, you can securely run extension cords outside your home or business.

Selecting the Right Extension Cord

The first step is choosing an extension cord designed for outdoor use. Look for cords clearly labeled for outdoor, all-weather, or outdoor-rated use. Some key factors to consider when selecting an outdoor extension cord:

Key Points for Selecting Extension Cords:

Safely Routing the Extension Cord Outdoors

Once you have the right extension cord, proper routing also contributes to outdoor safety:

Keep the Cord Clear of Water

Secure the Cord in Place

Watch Out for Heat Sources

Additional Tips for Safe Routing:

Using Outdoor-Safe Power Strips

For powering multiple devices outdoors, you can also utilize outdoor-rated power strips:

Summary of Outdoor Extension Cord Safety Tips

Running extension cords comes with fire, electrocution, and tripping risks. By taking key precautions, you can securely deliver power where needed:

Taking time to safely route cords prevents hazards. Follow these guidelines whenever running extension cords outdoors. Paying attention to cord selection, placement, and condition goes a long way in electrical safety.