How to Safely Run Extension Cords Through Windows for Outdoor Use

How to Safely Run Extension Cords Through Windows for Outdoor Use


Running extension cords through windows can provide power to outdoor areas, but it must be done safely to avoid fires or electrocution hazards. This guide will cover everything you need to know to run extension cords through windows in a safe and proper way.

Check the Extension Cord

Before running any cord through a window, inspect the extension cord closely for damage:

Protect Against Tripping Hazards

Lay the extension cord out carefully to avoid creating a tripping hazard:

Safely Route the Cord Through the Window

There are a few options for safely routing a cord through a window frame:

Protect Against Damage

Take steps to keep the cord from getting damaged while passed through the window:

Check Local Building Codes

Before running any permanent cords:

Practice Electrical Safety

Always follow basic electrical safety precautions as well when using outdoor extension cords:

By taking the proper safety precautions, inspecting cords thoroughly, and routing them carefully through windows, you can safely provide power to your outdoor spaces. Just be sure to always make safety the top priority when running extension cords through windows or any other area.