How to Safely Run Extension Cords Through Your Home

Determine Your Power Needs

When running extension cords in your home, the first step is to determine what you will be powering and how much wattage is required. Consider the following:

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Select Proper Gauge Extension Cords

The wire gauge of an extension cord determines the maximum amperage and wattage it can safely handle. Follow these guidelines:

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Plan Cord Route Through the Home

When running extension cords through a home, the path followed by the cord is important for safety:

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Use Proper Cord Management

Taking steps to manage your extension cords allows you to use them safely long-term:

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Safely running extension cords requires:

Following these best practices allows you to utilize extension cords without overloading your home's wiring or creating tripping and fire hazards. With proper setup and maintenance, extension cords can be used safely for both temporary and permanent needs.