How to Salvage Useful Parts From Broken Wind Turbines

How to Salvage Useful Parts From Broken Wind Turbines


Wind turbines are complex machines with many valuable parts that can be salvaged and reused even after the turbine itself has stopped functioning. As more wind farms reach the end of their operational lifetimes, salvaging turbine components is becoming an increasingly important part of the wind industry. This guide will provide tips on how to identify and remove useful parts from non-operational wind turbines.

Safety Considerations

Dismantling wind turbines requires proper safety precautions. Here are some key factors to keep in mind:

Putting safety first is crucial when salvaging turbine components. Don't attempt this work without proper training, equipment, and preparations.

Assessing Component Condition

Before removing any parts, conduct a thorough inspection of the turbine's major components. This allows you to identify items that can be profitably salvaged. Consider the condition of:

Generator and Electronics




Documenting the state of all major components helps determine which are suitable for reuse.

Dismantling the Turbine

Once you've identified salvageable parts, follow these steps to safely dismantle the turbine:

1. Remove Rotor Blades

2. Remove Drive Train

3. Remove Nacelle Components

4. Dismantle Tower Sections

Go slow and maintain safety throughout the dismantling process.

Refurbishing Salvaged Components

Once turbine sections are safely on the ground, inspected, and dismantled, it's time to refurbish salvageable components:

Proper refurbishment makes components ready for reuse in other turbines or applications.

Finding Buyers and Arranging Transport

To profit from salvaged wind turbine parts:

Tap into established sales channels and transportation infrastructure to find buyers.


With care and effort, broken down wind turbines don't have to go to waste. Their parts can offset costs of new equipment. This salvage guide provides the information you need to conduct the process successfully.