How to Save Money by Installing Your Own Small Wind Turbine


Installing a small wind turbine at your home or business can help reduce your electricity bills and provide clean, renewable energy. With energy prices continuing to rise, generating your own electricity is becoming an increasingly attractive option for many homeowners and businesses. This guide will walk you through the key steps for successfully installing your own small wind turbine to start saving money.

Determining if a Small Wind Turbine is Right for You

Before diving into installation, first determine if a small wind turbine makes sense for your location. Here are some key factors to consider:

Your Property's Wind Resource

Your Energy Usage

Your Property Size

Your Zoning Laws and HOA Rules

Choosing the Right Wind Turbine

If your location seems suitable after checking the factors above, the next step is selecting the right wind turbine model. Here are the key criteria to consider:

Rated Power Output

Design and Blades

Pole Height

Sound Level Rating

Safety Certifications

Permitting and Zoning for Your Turbine

Before you can install a wind turbine, proper permitting and approval is needed:

Building Permit

Utility Notification

Zoning Approval

HOA Approval

Hiring an Installer vs. DIY Installation

You have two options for physically installing your small wind turbine:

Hiring an Installer



DIY Installation



Step-by-Step Installation Process

Once approved and permitted, here are the key steps to install a small wind turbine:

1. Pour the Concrete Foundation

2. Erect the Tower

3. Mount the Turbine

4. Wire the Electrical System

5. Test and Inspect System

Maintenance of Your Small Wind Turbine

Routine maintenance keeps your turbine running cleanly and efficiently:


Installing a small wind turbine is an involved but rewarding project that can pay for itself in energy savings over time. With proper planning, zoning approval, and safe installation, you can successfully harness free wind energy to reduce your electricity costs while powering your home or business with clean, renewable power. Maintain your turbine well and it can provide decades of sustainable energy production.