How to Save Money on Commercial Electrical System Maintenance

How to Save Money on Commercial Electrical System Maintenance


Maintaining a commercial electrical system can be expensive, but it's crucial for safety and preventing costly repairs down the road. As a business owner, saving money on electrical maintenance without compromising safety is a top priority. In this article, I'll provide tips on how you can reduce electrical maintenance costs for your commercial building while still keeping your system in excellent working order.

Perform Preventative Maintenance

Performing regular preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid emergency electrical repairs and replacements. Here are some key maintenance tasks to do:

Regular maintenance prevents small issues from becoming big, dangerous, and expensive problems.

Upgrade to Energy Efficient Equipment

Upgrading to energy efficient electrical equipment can significantly reduce your long-term costs.

While energy efficient upgrades require more initial investment, the long-term savings are substantial. Take advantage of rebates and tax incentives to offset the upgrade costs.

Hire a Licensed, Insured Electrician

While you can perform basic maintenance yourself, hire a professional for major electrical work. A licensed, insured electrician has the expertise to:

Trying to cut corners by doing major electrical work yourself or hiring uncertified contractors can seriously backfire. Shoddy work can result in fires, electrocution, and citations if work doesn't meet code.

Paying a qualified electrician is worth avoiding potentially huge costs down the road from improper electrical work. Ask contractors for license and insurance proof, project quotes, and referrals to help find a reasonably priced, reputable electrician.

Bundle Multiple Upgrades

When planning electrical upgrades and repairs, bundle projects together to take advantage of bulk pricing discounts.

For example, if you need to upgrade light fixtures and panels, replace old wiring, and install new outlet circuits, schedule all the work at once. Electricians typically provide discounts of 10-20% for bundling multiple projects.

Scheduling one larger project is also more convenient than managing separate electricians over time. Just be sure to get a full quote upfront so there are no surprises down the road.

Take Advantage of Rebates and Tax Credits

There are often excellent rebates and tax credits available for upgrading commercial electrical equipment:

Check Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) for incentives in your area. Submitting paperwork for available rebates and credits can chip away at upgrade costs.


Maintaining and improving your commercial electrical system doesn't have to devastate your business's bottom line. By focusing on preventative maintenance, making smart upgrades, hiring qualified electricians, bundling projects, and leveraging incentives, you can significantly reduce costs while keeping your electrical system safe and energy efficient. Taking advantage of these money-saving tactics will benefit your business for years to come.