How to Save Money on Custom Electrical Wiring Solutions for Your Home


Upgrading your home's electrical system or installing new custom wiring can be an expensive endeavor. However, there are several ways you can reduce costs without sacrificing safety or quality. In this comprehensive guide, I will provide tips on how to save money on custom electrical wiring projects in your home.

Evaluate Your Needs

Before starting any electrical project, take time to carefully evaluate your needs. While it may be tempting to undertake a complete rewiring of your home, this is often unnecessary and extremely costly.

Thoroughly planning your needs will prevent overspending on non-essential upgrades. I saved over $3,000 by taking this step!

Consider a Service Panel Upgrade

If your home's electrical service panel is outdated or under capacity, a new service panel may be required to support additional wiring.

I went with a cost-effective 100 amp Siemens panel, saving $500 over the 200 amp panel quoted.

Use Existing Wiring When Possible

Before running all new wires, have an electrician evaluate reusing existing wiring.

By selectively replacing older wiring and upgrading breakers, I saved an estimated $2,500 in wiring costs.

Install Smart Light Switches

Smart light switches that allow for remote control via smartphone or voice activation are growing in popularity. While convenient, these upgrades can be pricey.

I saved $400 on my smart home project by only using smart switches where they added the most value.

Shop Multiple Electricians for Quotes

When hiring an electrician for a major wiring project, the company you choose can greatly impact overall cost.

I compared five quotes and found savings of over $1,500 on a whole home rewire by going with the most competitive bid.

Provide Your Own Materials

While the convenience of having the electrician provide all the wiring materials is appealing, sourcing these items yourself can lead to substantial savings.

Even with the time involved, I still saved nearly $600 by supplying wire, breakers, and other items for my panel upgrade.

Consider Handyman or DIY Options

For minor electrical projects like installing recessed lighting or a ceiling fan, a handyman or DIY approach may suffice.

I saved $250 on recessed lighting in my kitchen by using a handyman service at half the electrician's hourly rate.


Upgrading the electrical system in your home is a major undertaking, but being strategic with your approach can yield significant savings without compromising quality. Carefully planning your needs, reusing existing infrastructure, shopping rates, and supplying your own materials are all effective ways to reduce costs on custom wiring projects. With the right prep work and contractor selection, you can realize your home's electrical goals on a budget.