How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill With These Little-Known Renewable Energy Hacks

I am always looking for new ways to save money on my electric bill. With energy costs rising, it makes sense to find renewable energy solutions that can help lower my monthly costs. I've discovered some clever renewable energy hacks that have allowed me to dramatically reduce my energy usage and bills. Keep reading to learn my favorite tips for harnessing renewable energy in your own home.

Audit Your Energy Use and Set Up a Budget

The first step is to understand where your energy is being used. I start by auditing my electric bill and making note of when my usage and costs are highest. I also take inventory of all electric-powered devices in my home. Once I understand my general energy use, I set a realistic monthly budget to work within.

Knowing my budget motivates me to look for areas to reduce energy consumption. I use apps to track my daily electric use habits and see where I may be overspending. With a budget in mind, I'm careful about running high-energy appliances like the clothes dryer or leaving lights on in empty rooms. A little awareness goes a long way.

Install Smart Home Technology

One of my favorite tips is to install smart home technology that optimizes energy use automatically. Smart thermostats like Nest or Ecobee allow me to program temperature schedules and control heating and cooling remotely from my phone. I keep temperatures a little lower in the winter and higher in the summer to conserve energy.

Smart plugs let me turn off electronic devices completely when not in use, eliminating phantom load waste. I use smart lightbulbs and programmable timers to make sure lights aren't left on when not needed. The initial investment in smart home tech ends up paying dividends on my electric bill each month.

Utilize Solar Power

Adding solar panels is one of the best renewable power additions I've made. Solar energy from the sun is free once the panels are installed. My area has great sun exposure, so my solar array covers about 30% of my home's electric needs on an average day.

Installing a grid-tied system allows me to send excess energy back to the electric grid. The utility company pays me for that surplus power! I financed my solar panel system so the monthly payments are lower than my previous electric bills. Going solar has cut my non-renewable energy use significantly.

Try Wind Power

I also experimented with a small wind turbine on my property. Even an urban or suburban home can utilize wind power on a smaller scale. My little backyard turbine helps provide energy by capturing kinetic energy from the wind and converting it into electricity.

I made sure to research zoning rules and get proper permits before installing my wind turbine. The turbine works best on windy days and saves me about 10% on my electric bill by harnessing free wind power. Every little bit of renewable energy helps!

Consider Geothermal Heating and Cooling

Tapping into the natural temperature of the earth's surface is another renewable hack I now use to heat and cool my home. A geothermal heat pump system uses underground pipes to move heat into or out of my home.

While geothermal systems require digging beneath the home, the savings are tremendous. My geothermal heat pump now handles nearly all my heating and cooling needs at around 60% less cost than traditional systems. The greatest benefits come from eliminating the need for furnace oil or fossil fuel-powered air conditioners.

Wrap Up

With some research and invested effort, I've managed to incorporate several renewable energy sources into my home to reduce my grid-based electric usage. The technology options continue improving each year as well. Using smart home automation, solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal pumps has allowed me to cut my electric bill substantially. Try implementing one or more of these renewable hacks in your own home, and you'll quickly notice the savings. Our planet and wallets thank us when we tap into these clean energy solutions.