How to Save on Electrical Costs By Installing Your Own Commercial Lighting

How to Save on Electrical Costs By Installing Your Own Commercial Lighting

Installing your own commercial lighting can significantly reduce electrical costs for your business. With some planning and effort, you can complete this project yourself and see the savings add up over time. Here is an in-depth guide on how to save on electrical costs by installing your own commercial lighting.

Assessing Your Current Lighting Situation

The first step is to thoroughly evaluate your current lighting situation.

Thoroughly understanding your existing lighting helps determine the best plan for an upgrade. Focus on the most dated, inefficient, and problematic lighting first.

Choosing New Commercial Lighting Fixtures

Selecting suitable commercial lighting fixtures is essential to maximize efficiency.

Choose the right lighting fixtures for each space based on use, aesthetics, and efficiency needs.

Calculating Your Lighting Needs

To determine exactly what lighting to buy, calculate the lighting requirements for each area of your commercial space.

Accurate calculations ensure you purchase the right amount and distribution of lighting. Don't overlook special considerations like emergency lighting either.

Installing Commercial Lighting Fixtures

With lighting choices made, focus on safely installing the new commercial grade fixtures and controls.

Take a methodical approach to safely install new energy efficient lighting in your commercial space.

Realizing Ongoing Electrical Savings

Once your commercial lighting upgrade is complete, the energy savings begin immediately. But there are still steps to take for continued efficiency.

Proper maintenance and lighting management ensures your commercial lighting upgrade continues providing energy and cost savings for years to come.

Installing commercial lighting fixtures might seem daunting, but taking a systematic approach makes it a manageable DIY project. Following this guide will help you successfully plan, purchase, install, and manage energy efficient commercial lighting tailored to your business needs and see significant electrical savings over the long term.