How to Save on Expensive Commercial Electrical Repairs Without Sacrificing Safety

Regular maintenance and minor repairs conducted by qualified technicians are key to avoiding costly electrical emergencies in commercial buildings. However, some repairs and upgrades can still carry hefty price tags. Here are tips for controlling electrical costs without compromising safety or code compliance.

Inspect and Maintain Electrical Systems

Regular inspections and preventative maintenance allow you to identify and correct minor issues before they escalate into major problems.

Proactive maintenance keeps electrical systems running safely and efficiently for the long haul.

Prioritize Must-Fix Issues

Some electrical deficiencies require immediate repair for safety, while others may be deferred.

Addressing the most urgent hazards and code issues first allows smaller repairs to wait when budgets are tight. But deferred maintenance should not be neglected indefinitely.

Take Advantage of Electrical Safety Rebates and Incentives

Many electric utilities and state agencies offer rebates and incentives to improve electrical safety and efficiency in commercial buildings.

Check with your electric provider and state energy office to find available utility incentives. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency lists programs by state and utility.

Consider Electrical System Upgrades

Though not mandatory, upgrading outdated electrical components can improve safety and preparedness.

Though pricey, preventative upgrades can pay dividends by reducing blown fuses, spoiled food, fried electronics, and disruptions to business operations.

Choose Certified Electrical Contractors

Hiring uncertified contractors to work on commercial electrical systems can void insurance policies and put lives at risk.

Though tempting for the cost savings, cutting corners on contractor qualifications can lead to faulty, dangerous work. Do your due diligence.

With foresight and diligence, business owners can control electrical costs without compromising safety. But when in doubt, budgeting for repairs by certified technicians is smarter than deferring maintenance or attempting dangerous DIY repairs.