How to Save on Home Wiring Costs With Unconventional Methods

Hiring an electrician to rewire or upgrade your home's electrical system can be very expensive. However, there are some unconventional DIY methods you can use to reduce wiring costs without compromising safety or code compliance. As a homeowner trying to save money, I researched and applied several of these techniques which yielded significant savings.

Learning Basic Electrical Skills

Before attempting any electrical work, I took time to learn basic skills like:

I read books, watched online tutorials, and practiced on mock-ups before touching anything live. Gaining a solid understanding of electrical fundamentals was crucial for safely navigating this DIY project.

Buying Supplies at Auctions and Salvage Stores

Instead of paying full retail price, I scoured auctions and salvage stores to purchase used:

By carefully inspecting items for damage and wear, I acquired quality materials at around 30-50% off retail pricing. This allowed me to purchase significantly more wiring for the same budget.

Pro Tip: Search for regional auction houses and salvage stores to find deals on electrical supplies. Test and verify all used items before installation.

Using Existing Wiring Where Possible

Rather than running all new wiring, I tapped into the existing electrical system wherever feasible. For example:

Getting creative with existing infrastructure saved on labour and material costs.

Learning How to Add Circuits Myself

Instead of hiring an electrician to add new breaker circuits, I watched YouTube videos to learn how it's done. The steps I followed were:

  1. Turn off main breaker and verify power is off
  2. Remove panel cover
  3. Locate knockouts and use hole saw to create openings
  4. Mount and connect new breaker switch
  5. Run wire from switch to rooms needing new circuits
  6. Terminate wires properly into outlets/fixtures
  7. Replace cover and turn main breaker back on
  8. Test circuit is working properly

With patience and attention to detail, I was able to add several new 20 amp circuits to increase capacity.

Installing Lower Cost Lighting Fixtures

Rather than paying top dollar for designer lighting fixtures, I opted for more budget-friendly options:

The lighting is still attractive but at a fraction of the designer cost.

Final Thoughts

With proper research, planning, and safety precautions, significant electrical savings can be achieved. By equipping myself with fundamental skills and utilizing unconventional supplies and techniques, I successfully upgraded my home's wiring on a strict budget. The results are safe, code-compliant, and aesthetically pleasing.