How to Save on Lighting Costs By Installing Your Own Custom Window Blinds

How to Save on Lighting Costs By Installing Your Own Custom Window Blinds

Why Install Custom Window Blinds?

Installing custom window blinds can help me reduce lighting costs in my home. Blinds allow me to control the amount of natural light entering a room. With proper use of blinds, I may rely less on artificial lighting during daylight hours, reducing electricity usage. Custom blinds also provide privacy and aesthetic value.

Benefits of Installing Custom Blinds

Here are some key benefits of installing custom window blinds:

Choosing the Right Blinds

Several factors guide my choice of custom blinds:

Window Type and Size

I first consider the windows in the room. Larger windows may need wider blinds. Bay or corner windows often need shaped blinds. I measure each window carefully to ensure proper fit.

Style and Features

Next, I decide on the right style and features:

I choose options suiting my needs, budget and decor.

Installing Blinds Myself

I can install custom blinds myself, following a few key steps:

Taking Measurements

I carefully measure each window opening:

I note any obstructions like handles that may interfere with blinds.

Ordering Blinds

With measurements, I order suitable custom blinds online or from a store. I specify:

I may order blinds with pre-drilled holes for installation.

Mounting Brackets

Once blinds arrive, I mark and install mounting brackets level and securely into window frame or wall using screws.

Hanging the Blinds

Then I mount the blinds on brackets following manual instructions. I ensure proper clearance and operation.

Final Adjustments

Finally, I test and make any adjustments for proper fit and smooth operation. I set optimal lighting control positions.

With good measurements, ordering and installation, I can successfully put up custom blinds myself. They will help regulate light, add privacy and look great in any room.