How to Save on Lighting Costs With Motion Sensor Switches

How to Save on Lighting Costs With Motion Sensor Switches


Installing motion sensor light switches can help you reduce your lighting costs significantly. Motion sensors detect occupancy in a room and automatically turn the lights on and off based on activity. This removes the need to manually turn lights on and off, preventing lights from being left on accidentally when a room is vacant. In this article, I will provide a comprehensive guide on how motion sensor switches can help cut your lighting costs and how to install them properly.

Benefits of Motion Sensor Light Switches

Here are some of the main benefits of using motion sensor switches for lighting:

Reduce Energy Use and Costs



Increased Lamp Life

Added Security

How Motion Sensors Work

Motion sensor switches work using a technology called passive infrared (PIR) sensing. PIR sensors can detect minute temperature changes that occur when a person or object passes in front of them.

When you walk into a room, your body temperature is higher than the surroundings. The PIR sensor detects this change in infrared radiation, causing the motion sensor switch to turn the lights on automatically.

After the lights turn on, a timing circuit starts counting down. If no motion is detected after the preset time delay, the sensor switches the lights back off. This prevents lights from staying on indefinitely when a room is empty.

Choosing a Motion Sensor Switch

When selecting a motion sensor switch, consider the following factors:

Installation Tips

Here are some tips to install motion sensor light switches correctly:

Saving on Lighting Costs with Motion Sensors

Installing motion sensors can lead to $40-100 annual savings on lighting costs for a typical home. Here are some extra ways to maximize savings from motion sensor lights:


Installing motion sensing light switches can reduce lighting costs by ensuring lights turn on only when rooms are occupied. With their energy saving capabilities and convenience features, motion sensor switches are a worthwhile upgrade for most homes. By picking the right motion sensors and optimizing their settings, you can maximize savings on your electricity bills.