How to Save on your Next Commercial Electrical Project

If you are planning for a new commercial construction or renovation project, the electrical system is going to be a major investment. However, there are ways you can reduce costs without compromising on safety or quality. As the project owner, being strategic and informed at every stage can lead to significant cost savings on electrical work.

Plan Ahead with an Electrical Engineer

One of the best ways to optimize electrical costs is to plan well in advance. Hire a qualified electrical engineer early in the design phase, rather than waiting until construction is about to start. An electrical engineer can help:

Proper planning and design from the start prevents costly changes later on. The upfront engineering fees are an investment that can net significant savings as your project progresses.

Compare Bids and Qualifications Carefully

Once you have finalized designs and building plans, the next step is sourcing and hiring your electrical contractor. Be sure to:

Thorough bid evaluation ensures you choose the right contractor and get the best overall value. Don't risk quality and safety with cut-rate electrical work.

Buy Equipment and Materials Strategically

As the owner, you can realize major cost reductions by purchasing big ticket electrical items directly. This includes:

For large new construction projects, also consider procuring commonly used construction materials like wire, conduit, boxes, receptacles etc. in bulk. This allows contractor markup savings of 15% or more on electrical materials. Just be sure your contract clearly defines responsibilities for storage, handling and installation.

Inspect Work and Provide Feedback

Ongoing inspection and feedback ensures your electrical contractor delivers quality workmanship. Be proactive:

Staying involved throughout the project motivates the contractor to do their best work. Catching errors early also minimizes waste from having to redo defective installations.

Enforce Strict Safety Protocols

Electrical systems involve serious safety hazards if not handled properly. Be sure your contract includes clear safety requirements like:

There should be no compromises on safety. Enforcing stringent protocols protects workers and occupants. It also prevents injuries and accidents that lead to costly delays.

A commercial electrical project for your new construction or renovation is a complex undertaking. However, strategic planning and partnerships can help optimize the scope, quality and pricing. Being a proactive and informed owner at every stage lets you maximize value and stay on budget. Use these tips for sourcing, buying and managing your next major electrical project.