How to Set Up Motion Sensor Lighting in Your Backyard

Installing motion sensor lighting in your backyard is an easy way to add security and convenience to your outdoor space. With motion sensor lights, the lights turn on automatically when motion is detected, helping to deter intruders and light your way when you take your dog outside at night.

Why Install Motion Sensor Lighting?

There are several benefits to using motion sensor lighting in your backyard:

Choosing the Right Motion Sensor Lights

When selecting motion sensor lights for your backyard, there are a few options to consider:

Sensor Type

Detection Area

Light Bulb Type


Choosing Lighting Fixture Types

There are several fixture types to choose from when installing motion sensor backyard lighting:

Security Flood Lights

Wall Lanterns


Step Lights

Tips for Installing Motion Sensor Lights

Follow these tips when installing your new motion sensor backyard lights:

Maintaining Your Motion Sensor Lights

Like any fixture, motion sensor lights require occasional maintenance:

With the right placement and maintenance, motion sensor backyard lighting provides an unmatched combination of security, energy savings, and convenience. Following these guidelines and recommendations will help you successfully install motion detector lighting to illuminate and protect your backyard.