How To Snake Outlets The Cheap And Easy Way

Snaking an outlet is a simple DIY plumbing task that removes blockages and restores proper drainage. With a few basic tools, you can clear a clogged outlet easily and inexpensively. Here's how to snake outlets the cheap and easy way.

What You'll Need

Snaking an outlet doesn't require fancy or expensive equipment. Here are the basic tools you'll need:

Optional extras:

Preparing To Snake The Outlet

Before snaking, take a few simple preparatory steps:

Running The Snake Through The Outlet

Once set up, you're ready to start snaking:

Take your time snaking. Don't force the cable if you encounter resistance. Running it back and forth usually clears clogs with patience.

Troubleshooting Snake Issues

Having problems? Here are solutions for common snaking difficulties:

When To Call A Professional Plumber

While DIY snaking works for most simple clogs, call a plumber for:

Though pricier than DIY, plumbers have specialized tools and the expertise to fully clear tough clogs and identify underlying issues. Their preventative drain cleaning can also help avoid clogs from recurring.

Snaking your own outlets is an easy, inexpensive DIY plumbing job. With basic tools and careful technique, you can remove clogs and restore proper drainage. Just take precautions, address any difficulties, and call a professional when major plumbing repairs are needed.