Electrical surges can cause serious damage to expensive electronics and appliances. As someone who relies on functioning devices, preventing surges is a top priority for me. In this comprehensive guide, I will explain what causes surges, how they can damage your belongings, and most importantly—how to protect my home from their destruction.

What Causes Electrical Surges?

Electrical surges, also known as voltage spikes or transient voltages, occur when there is a sudden and unexpected increase in voltage on an electrical circuit. There are several common causes of surges:

How Do Surges Damage Devices?

Electrical surges can be extremely damaging to electronics and appliances because they expose delicate circuitry to currents and voltages far beyond what the devices are designed to handle. Specifically, surges damage devices in two main ways:

Even small surges that are not enough to fully destroy a device immediately can degrade performance or shorten its lifespan over time.

Effective Surge Protection Strategies

Protecting my sensitive belongings from harmful electrical surges is crucial. Here are some key methods I use to stop surges in their tracks before they can reach my equipment:

Whole House Surge Protectors

Installing a whole house surge protector at my electrical panel is the first line of defense. These devices act like firewalls by limiting voltage spikes coming through the main service entry lines before electricity reaches any outlets. They protect all the connected devices in the home.

Point-of-Use Surge Protectors

I also use point-of-use surge protectors that plug into outlets on critical device circuits for redundancy. They absorb surges that may get past the panel protector:

Surge Protected Power Strips

For clustered devices like home entertainment systems, I use high quality surge protected power strips.

Preventative Equipment Maintenance

Lastly, I reduce my surge risk by maintaining electrical equipment properly:

Enjoy Peace of Mind!

Taking a layered approach to surge protection provides extensive defense against damaging voltage spikes. By combining whole house, point-of-use, and power strip protectors – and properly maintaining electrical systems – I keep my valued electronics safe and operational for years to come. Careful surge protection gives me great peace of mind knowing my devices are secure despite electrical threats.