Getting shocked by your lawn mower while mowing the grass is an unpleasant and potentially dangerous experience. However, there are several steps you can take to prevent electric shocks from occurring.

Check the Engine and Blades

The engine and rotating blades underneath the mower deck are common sources of electric shocks. Here is how to inspect these components:

Inspect the Spark Plug

The spark plug provides the high voltage needed to ignite the fuel and start the engine. A cracked or worn spark plug can allow electricity to arc to the metal frame.

Check the Blade Mounts

Electricity can jump from improperly grounded blades to the mower handle.

Evaluate the Electrical Wiring

Faulty wiring that has become exposed or disconnected can energize the mower's metal frame and cause shocks.

Inspect the Battery Cables

Look for Loose Wiring

Check for Corroded Connections

Evaluate the Safety Systems

Specialized safety systems help prevent electricity from reaching the mower handle.

Examine the Kill Switch

Inspect the Ground Fault Module

Check the Rubber Hand Grips

Isolate Your Body from Electrical Current

You can take steps to prevent shocks from reaching your body when operating the mower:

Wear Thick Rubber Soled Shoes

Keep Hands Away from Metal Parts

Keep the Grass and Deck Dry

By thoroughly inspecting your mower and taking precautions, you can stop electric shocks before they happen. Properly maintaining the engine, blades, and safety systems while insulating your body are the keys to safe, shock-free lawn mowing.