How to Stop Your Lights from Randomly Flickering Without Calling an Electrician

Flickering lights can be annoying and disruptive. As tempting as it may be to call an electrician right away, there are several things you can try yourself first to troubleshoot the issue before resorting to professional help.

Inspect the Light Bulb

Flickering is often caused by a faulty light bulb. Here are some things to check:

Check Electrical Connections

Faulty wiring and loose connections can also cause lights to flicker:

Test with Different Bulbs

As a way to isolate the issue, try swapping out the problem bulb with others:

Check for Power Issues

Flickering may also be caused by problems with electrical flow to the fixture:

When to Call an Electrician

If you've tried all the basic troubleshooting tips and your lights continue flickering, it's time to call a professional electrician. Warning signs include:

Flickering lights are often just a minor annoyance, but they can also indicate real electrical problems. Try basic troubleshooting yourself first, but don't hesitate to call in a qualified electrician if larger issues may be at play. With some diligent testing and repairs, you can stop lights from randomly flickering without always needing costly professional visits.