How to Troubleshoot Common Electrical Problems in Your Commercial Building

How to Troubleshoot Common Electrical Problems in Your Commercial Building


As the owner or facilities manager of a commercial building, keeping the electrical systems running properly is critical. Electrical issues can lead to power outages, safety hazards, and disruption of business activities. By learning some basic electrical troubleshooting techniques, you can quickly resolve many common electrical problems on your own. In this article, I will provide an in-depth guide on how to troubleshoot and fix the most frequent electrical issues in commercial buildings.

Frequent Electrical Problems in Commercial Buildings

Some of the most common electrical problems in commercial buildings include:

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Faulty Electrical Outlets

Flickering or Dimming Lights

Sparking from Outlets, Switches or Fixtures

Buzzing Electrical Panels or Fixtures

Safety Precautions

Steps for Basic Electrical Troubleshooting

1. Talk to Tenants about the Issues They Are Experiencing

2. Reproduce the Electrical Problem If Possible

3. Inspect Visible Electrical Components in the Problem Area

4. Consider Likely Causes Based on the Type of Problem

5. Test and Measure Circuit Parameters

6. Turn Off Power and Inspect Components in Detail

7. Repair or Replace Defective Parts as Needed

8. Restore Power, Re-Test and Confirm Proper Operation

9. Implement Longer Term Solutions

10. Document Details of Repair Work Done

Key Tools Needed

When to Call an Electrician

While basic troubleshooting and minor repairs can be done by building owners, it is best to call a licensed electrician for:


Learning electrical troubleshooting techniques tailored to commercial buildings allows you to resolve common problems on your own quickly. Always exercise caution when working with electrical systems. While you can handle minor issues, more complex repairs should be left to licensed electricians. Keep the tenants informed and provide permanent solutions like upgrades to prevent recurring issues in the long run.