How to Troubleshoot Issues with Your Commercial Electrical Panel

How to Troubleshoot Issues with Your Commercial Electrical Panel

As an electrician, troubleshooting issues with commercial electrical panels is an important skill. Being able to quickly diagnose and resolve problems can prevent power outages, save money on repairs, and ensure a safe working environment. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to troubleshoot common issues with commercial electrical panels.

Inspect the Electrical Panel

The first step is to inspect the electrical panel itself. Look for:

Test the Voltage Inputs

Use a multimeter to check the incoming voltage on each phase coming into the electrical panel:

Check the Grounding System

Use a multimeter to validate the grounding in the panel:

Inspect All Circuit Breakers

Thoroughly inspect each circuit breaker in the panel:

Replace any corroded, damaged, or faulty breakers.

Check Connections and Lugs

Check all wire connections and lugs:

Verify Proper Wire Sizes

Wire sizes must match circuit ampacities:

Thermally Inspect Wires and Connections

Use an infrared camera or thermometer to make a thermal inspection of wires and connections:

Check for Short Circuits

Short circuits must be identified and resolved quickly. To check for shorts:

Be systematic and thorough when troubleshooting commercial electrical panels. Carefully inspecting connections, testing voltages, checking breakers, and thermally scanning wires will help uncover issues before they lead to outages, fires, or injury. Proactively fixing any problems found will lead to improved safety and reliability.