How to Troubleshoot Issues With Your Commercial Lighting Dimming System


Having issues with your commercial lighting dimming system can be frustrating and disruptive to your business. As the facility manager, you want your lighting to function properly to provide the right ambience and work environment. Don't worry - with some knowledge of commercial lighting systems and a systematic approach, you can effectively troubleshoot and resolve many common dimming issues.

In this comprehensive guide, I'll walk you through the entire troubleshooting process to diagnose and fix problems with your commercial lighting dimmer.

How Dimming Systems Work

To troubleshoot your dimming system effectively, you need to understand the basic components and workings of a commercial lighting dimmer:

Key Components

Dimming Methods

There are two main methods used for dimming fluorescent and LED lighting:

Key Factors

Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Process

With a basic understanding of the system, we can now focus on tackling dimming issues in a systematic way:

1. Clearly Define the Problem

2. Check for Simple Issues First

Many dimming problems stem from simple issues like these:

3. Test Components for Faults

If simple fixes don't work, more testing is required:

4. Call Technical Support

If you've worked through all troubleshooting steps and can't resolve the issue, call the lighting company's tech support line. Be ready with details of your system, testing results and issue history. The experts can often resolve problems through advanced diagnostics and equipment.

5. Call an Electrical Contractor

For complex dimming issues that require re-wiring or replacing system components, hire a certified electrical contractor experienced with commercial lighting and dimming systems. They can troubleshoot further and make necessary repairs.

Preventing Future Dimming System Issues

Once you've addressed any dimming problems, it's a good idea to take preventive measures:


Troubleshooting commercial lighting dimming systems involves methodically isolating the issue, testing components, and correcting problems. With patience and by applying best practices, you can resolve most dimming issues and keep your lighting running optimally. Don't hesitate to call experts when needed.

Hopefully this guide has given you the key facts and troubleshooting steps to address any dimming problems your facility encounters. Properly operating lighting systems make for happier tenants, employees and customers. Good luck getting your commercial dimming back on track!