How to Troubleshoot Obscure Electrical Problems in Your Facility

How to Troubleshoot Obscure Electrical Problems in Your Facility

As the facility manager, I know that obscure electrical problems can be incredibly frustrating to diagnose and repair. However, with some diligent troubleshooting, even the most obscure issues can usually be resolved. Here are my tips for tracking down and fixing those perplexing electrical gremlins in your building.

Inspect the Electrical Panel

The electrical panel is the central nervous system for your facility's electrical system. It's a good starting point when trying to pinpoint obscure electrical issues. Here's how I troubleshoot the panel:

Inspect Junction and Pull Boxes

Problems in junction boxes or wire pull boxes can also lead to obscure electrical issues. Here's how I inspect them:

Check the Condition of Wires and Cables

Frayed, cracked, or damaged power cables can create obscure electrical headaches. Here's what I look for:

Test Electrical Loads

Problematic devices or equipment connected to the system can also cause obscure electrical issues. I troubleshoot loads in this way:

Contact a Licensed Electrician for Complex Issues

For very obscure issues that I simply cannot resolve, I call in a licensed electrician. Their diagnostic skills and equipment can pinpoint problems I can't find. I ask lots of questions to understand the issue so I can more easily troubleshoot similar problems in the future. While not always cheap, a good electrician pays for themselves long-term by fixing gremlins.

In summary, methodical troubleshooting of the electrical panel, boxes, wires, and connected loads allows me to resolve even the most obscure electrical issues. I start at the panel and work outward toward the problem load. However, for truly baffling problems, I leverage the expertise of licensed professionals. With persistence and the right help, I can always get those electrical gremlins!