How to Troubleshoot Rare Electrical Wiring Issues in Older Commercial Buildings

How to Troubleshoot Rare Electrical Wiring Issues in Older Commercial Buildings

Working with electrical wiring in older commercial buildings can be challenging due to the wide range of issues that can arise over time. As a technician, being able to efficiently troubleshoot and resolve rare electrical problems requires expertise and experience. Here is an in-depth guide on how to effectively troubleshoot unusual electrical wiring issues in older commercial structures:

Identifying the Issue

The first step is to clearly identify the specific problem. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Thoroughly identifying electrical issues in commercial buildings takes time but narrows down where to focus troubleshooting efforts.

Checking the Breaker Panel

The building's main breaker panel is the next area to inspect. Here's how to thoroughly examine the breaker panel:

Inspecting the breaker panel provides vital clues on where wiring problems originate.

Checking Junction Boxes and Conduit

Junction boxes and conduit contain key wiring connections that need thorough inspection:

The junction boxes and conduits acting as wiring channels must be maintained properly to prevent issues.

Testing and Replacing Old Wiring

If wiring is suspected to be the root cause, further testing and replacement may be necessary:

Proactively testing and replacing very old, damaged building wiring can prevent electrical faults from occurring.

Leveraging Electrical Blueprints

For large commercial buildings, the original electrical blueprints are invaluable for troubleshooting tricky hidden wiring issues:

Any available electrical blueprints should be the first resource used when troubleshooting to understand how building wiring was designed.

Thoroughly troubleshooting unusual electrical issues in older commercial buildings requires methodically narrowing down causes through inspection and testing. Leveraging electrical blueprints provides critical wiring insights. With persistence and the right tools, even tricky electrical faults can be effectively resolved.