How to Troubleshoot Unusual Electrical Control Panel Issues

How to Troubleshoot Unusual Electrical Control Panel Issues


Electrical control panels are essential components in many industrial and commercial facilities. They house multiple electrical components like circuit breakers, switches, relays, and instrumentation that allow equipment and processes to function properly. However, control panels can sometimes experience unusual operational issues that require troubleshooting to resolve.

In this guide, I will discuss common troubleshooting techniques for unusual electrical control panel issues. By following systematic troubleshooting procedures and safety protocols, technicians can efficiently diagnose and repair control panel problems.

Safety Considerations

When troubleshooting electrical control panel issues, safety should always be the top priority:

Following safety protocols is critical to prevent electric shock, burns, and arc flash injuries when troubleshooting control panels.

Troubleshooting Steps

With safety ensured, technicians can systematically troubleshoot unusual control panel issues:

1. Define the Problem

Accurately defining the problem guides troubleshooting in the proper direction.

2. Visual Inspection

Careful visual inspection can reveal many problems without measurements.

3. Check Power Supplies

Power supply issues are a common source of control panel problems.

4. Check I/O Signals

Malfunctioning signals from the process can appear as control issues.

5. Evaluate Controller Operation

Controllers may require firmware corrections or configuration changes.

6. Test Components

Faulty control panel components can cause broader system problems.

7. Replace PCBs

Circuit board failures can be difficult to pinpoint. Swap boards to isolate.

By methodically working through these troubleshooting steps, unusual control panel issues can be effectively diagnosed.

When to Seek Assistance

In some cases, it may be necessary to seek assistance from electrical contractors, control panel OEMs, or other experts:

Seeking qualified assistance can save significant time and effort for complicated electrical control panel problems.


Properly troubleshooting unusual issues in electrical control panels requires safety awareness, systematic thinking, and electrical skills. By defining the problem, thorough visual inspection, checking power and signals, evaluating components, and using replacements or assistance where needed, technicians can tackle even difficult control panel issues. Keeping control panel maintenance best practices in mind will help minimize operational problems and downtime.