How to Troubleshoot Unusual Electrical Problems in Your Commercial Building

As the owner or manager of a commercial building, I know that keeping the electricity running smoothly is crucial. However, unusual electrical issues can arise that require some detective work to resolve. In this comprehensive guide, I'll walk through the major steps involved in troubleshooting unusual electrical problems in commercial spaces.

Identifying the Problem

The first step is identifying that an unusual electrical issue exists in the first place. Here are some common symptoms that indicate a problem:

Carefully observing symptoms like these can help me narrow down where to start investigating. The specific details of the issue also provide helpful clues about the possible cause.

Inspecting the Electrical Panel

After identifying a potential electrical problem, the main electrical panel is the next place I'll investigate. Here are key things to check:

Thoroughly inspecting the main panel provides vital clues about potential issues. I may find obvious problems here, or gain direction on where to investigate next.

Testing Individual Circuits and Devices

For elusive electrical issues, I may need to start testing and isolating specific circuits or devices. Here are helpful troubleshooting steps:

These steps isolate the electrical issue down to specific spots for targeted repairs. They also help rule out components that test normal.

Calling an Electrician

Certain electrical problems can be complex, risky and beyond the ability of building owners to diagnose and repair on their own. As a safety precaution, I engage a licensed electrician for issues like:

Electricians have specialized tools and expertise for securely tracing and fixing uncommon electrical issues. They know how to check complex wiring and multi-phase systems. Professional assistance provides peace of mind the problem is fully resolved.

Preventing Future Electrical Problems

Once an unusual electrical issue is corrected, I take proactive steps to help prevent it from recurring, including:

With some diligence, I can keep unusual electrical issues in my building from creating ongoing disruptions. Paying attention to symptoms, thoroughly troubleshooting problems, bringing in expert assistance when needed, and taking preventative measures are the keys to success.