How to Troubleshoot Weird Electrical Problems in Your Older Commercial Building

As the owner or manager of an older commercial building, I inevitably have to deal with electrical issues from time to time. While newer buildings often have fewer problems, older electrical systems can begin to act up and cause weird electrical problems that can be frustrating to diagnose and repair. However, with some diligent troubleshooting and electrical know-how, I can usually get to the bottom of most electrical gremlins.

Common Electrical Issues in Older Commercial Buildings

Some of the most common electrical problems I see in my older commercial building include:

Step-By-Step Troubleshooting Process

When odd electrical problems pop up in my building, I take a systematic approach to troubleshooting and repair:

1. Talk to Tenants about Any Issues

I start by talking to tenants about any electrical problems they've noticed. Getting information from the people who are in the building every day is invaluable. I ask about things like:

2. Thoroughly Inspect the Electrical System

Next, I do a thorough inspection of the electrical system, looking for any obvious issues. This includes:

I also use tools like a voltage tester to check for wiring problems.

3. Troubleshoot Circuit by Circuit

If I haven't found the culprit yet, I start systematically testing each circuit in the electrical panel. I'll turn off each circuit and see if the problem goes away. This helps isolate the malfunctioning circuit.

4. Replace any Damaged Outlets, Wires, or Breakers

If I've found any damaged electrical components, I replace them. Critical repairs include:

This often resolves any electrical gremlins.

5. Call an Electrician for Complex Issues

For any complex or challenging electrical problems, calling a licensed electrician is wise. They have specialized tools and expertise for dealing with complex wiring faults. I lean on their experience when needed.

Preventative Maintenance Is Crucial

To minimize electrical issues in my older building, I make sure to perform preventative maintenance regularly including:

Proactive maintenance helps avoid major electrical headaches down the road.

By understanding common electrical problems, methodically troubleshooting issues, and performing preventative maintenance, I'm able to keep my older commercial building's electrical system running smoothly. While the occasional issue still pops up now and then, I'm able to quickly diagnose and repair it. With diligence and electrical vigilance, I can keep my tenants happy and avoid disruptions to my business.