How to Troubleshoot Your Circuit Breaker Box

Troubleshooting issues with your circuit breaker box can seem daunting, but with some basic knowledge it can be straightforward. As a homeowner, being able to identify and resolve minor electrical problems can save you time and money. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to troubleshoot your circuit breaker box.

Gather Information on Your Circuit Breaker Box

Before diving into troubleshooting, it helps to gather some background information on your circuit breaker box:

Documenting these details provides helpful context when troubleshooting problems.

Inspect the Circuit Breaker Box

With the background information gathered, now inspect the physical box itself:

Check for Faulty Wiring

Many circuit breaker box issues result from problems with the wiring:

Test the Circuit Breakers

The circuit breakers themselves can also develop issues over time:

When to Call an Electrician

While many circuit breaker box issues can be DIY repaired, sometimes it is safest to call a professional electrician:

Taking time to properly inspect and test your circuit breaker box can help identify and resolve minor issues. But electrical safety should always be the number one priority.