How to Upgrade Commercial Lighting on a Limited Budget

Upgrading the lighting in your commercial space can bring many benefits, including improved visibility, energy savings, and an updated aesthetic. However, lighting upgrades often require a significant upfront investment. Here are some tips for upgrading commercial lighting on a budget.

Assess Your Current Lighting

Before upgrading, take stock of your existing lighting setup:

Start with Bulb Replacements

Replacing outdated bulbs with new LED bulbs can make a big difference. LEDs consume much less energy and last much longer than older bulb types like incandescents and fluorescents.

Add Lighting Controls

Lighting controls like occupancy sensors, timers, and dimmers can also save energy and costs:

Enhance Ambiance with New Fixtures

For an impactful upgrade, replacing outdated fixtures provides the most dramatic lighting transformation:

Take Advantage of Rebates and Tax Incentives

Check for utility rebates, which offer discounts and reimbursements for energy efficient lighting upgrades. Tax incentives like the 179D deduction can also help offset upgrade costs.

Partner with a Lighting Contractor

For large lighting retrofits, hiring a qualified lighting contractor ensures proper design, installation, and integration with controls. They can also help you identify and apply for incentives.

With strategic upgrades and cost-saving measures, you can transform the lighting in your commercial space without breaking the bank. Proper lighting enhances ambiance, improves productivity, and reinforces your brand.