How to Upgrade Your Business’s Electrical Panel on a Budget

How to Upgrade Your Business's Electrical Panel on a Budget

Upgrading your business's electrical panel can seem like a daunting and expensive task. However, with some planning and savvy shopping, you can upgrade your panel without breaking the bank. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to upgrade your business's electrical panel on a budget.

Assess Your Current Panel

The first step is to thoroughly assess your current electrical panel.

Take detailed notes and photos of your current panel. This information will come in handy when planning your upgrade.

Determine Your Electrical Needs

Once you've assessed your current panel, analyze your business's electrical needs:

Crunching these numbers will tell you the ideal amperage rating and number of circuits your new panel should have. Add 25-30% more capacity than you need to allow for future growth.

Choose Your New Panel

With your requirements determined, start shopping for a new panel:

Safely Remove and Replace Your Panel

With your new panel purchased, it's time for installation. Safety should be your top priority:

Make It Look Professional

If desired, you can take extra steps to improve the aesthetics of your new panel:

With proper planning and a methodical installation process, you can successfully upgrade your business's electrical service panel without overspending. Paying attention to details will ensure you complete a safe, long-lasting upgrade.