How to Wire a 200 Amp Electrical Panel on a Budget

Upgrading your home's electrical service to 200 amps can provide more power for large appliances, air conditioners, and home additions. However, hiring an electrician to install a new 200 amp panel and run wiring can cost thousands of dollars. With some electrical knowledge and the right materials, I was able to upgrade my 100 amp panel to 200 amps on a budget.

Understanding 200 Amp Electrical Service

Before wiring a new 200 amp panel, it's important to understand what 200 amp service provides:

Shopping List for Materials and Cost Savings

For DIY electrical projects, materials can add up quickly. Here are budget tips for a 200 amp panel upgrade:

Overall budget: $500-$800 compared to $2000+ hiring an electrician. Shop sales and buy wholesale.

Step-by-Step Installation Guide

With the right materials, upgrading a panel is a DIY project for a skilled homeowner. Follow these key steps:

Shut Off Power and Remove Old Panel

Safety first! Turn off the main breaker and all circuits. Verify power is off with a voltage tester. Then:

Install New Meter Socket and 200 Amp Panel

Run New 200 Amp Service Feeder to Panel

Transfer and Organize Circuit Wiring

Close Up and Restore Power


With proper planning and materials, upgrading home electrical service to 200 amps can be a DIY project that saves thousands of dollars. Make safety the top priority, research local codes, and consult an electrician if unsure about any wiring steps. A 200 amp panel provides flexibility for expanding home electrical needs for decades to come.