How to Wire a 200 Amp Electrical Service

How to Wire a 200 Amp Electrical Service

Overview of Wiring a 200 Amp Service

Wiring a 200 amp electrical service can seem daunting, but it is an achievable DIY project if I take my time and follow proper safety precautions. A 200 amp service provides enough power for a medium to large sized home with all modern appliances and amenities.

To wire it properly, I will need to:

Working with the Utility Company

The first step in wiring a new electrical service is contacting my utility company. I will need to:

The utility will deliver 200 amps to my point of connection. This is commonly an electrical mast on the outside of the home where their lines can tie in.

I need to have all my own wiring up to the point of connection completed before the utility finishes their work. Coordinating with the utility company early is crucial to avoid delays.

Installing the 200 Amp Service Panel

The service panel is the central hub that my entire electrical system branches out from. Choosing the right 200 amp service panel is critical:

Installation is straightforward but care must be taken to:

Running the Main Power Lines

From the point of utility connection, I will need to run thick 4/0 aluminum wires through conduit to connect to the main lugs of my service panel.

The wires should be sized to handle the full 200 amp load in case all circuits were running at capacity simultaneously. Voltage drop is critical to consider over the length of these main power feeds.

Grounding and Bonding

Any 200 amp service must have proper grounding and bonding according to code in order to safely neutralize voltage in case of a fault. This involves:

Maintaining continuity in the grounding system back to the main panel is paramount. I will need to test resistance to ensure grounding meets minimum requirements.

Running Individual Circuit Wiring

Now I can run wiring from the main service panel out to all locations needing power. Common guidelines include:

I'll need to research the required circuits for a dwelling of my size, such as for the HVAC system, kitchen appliances, laundry, etc. Lighting and receptacles can be combined on general circuits.

Wrapping Up and Inspections

Before turning the power on, the final steps are:

The inspectors will thoroughly examine my new 200 amp service install for compliance with the electrical code before giving the green light to energize the system.


While a major undertaking, with proper planning and adherence to electrical code, I can successfully install a new 200 amp service panel to power my home. This will provide me with abundant capacity for all my home's electrical needs now and far into the future. Paying close attention to details such as proper grounding, overcurrent protection, and neat workmanship will be key.