How to Wire a 200 Amp Subpanel

Installing a 200 amp subpanel is an involved but very doable project for a dedicated DIYer. With proper planning and adherence to electrical codes and safety practices, I was able to upgrade the electrical service in my home by wiring a new 200 amp subpanel.

Reasons for Installing a 200 Amp Subpanel

There were several reasons I decided to install a 200 amp subpanel in my home:

Planning the 200 Amp Subpanel Installation

Careful planning ensured my 200 amp subpanel project went smoothly:

Installation Steps for 200 Amp Subpanel

The key steps I followed to install my 200 amp subpanel were:

Select Panel Location

Mount the Subpanel

Install Ground Conductor

Run Conduit

Pull Wires Through Conduit

Connect Wires and Breakers

Install Cover and Perform Checks

Testing and Inspection

Thorough testing ensured my subpanel installation was safe and worked properly:

Installing my 200 amp subpanel took concentrated effort over several weekends but was a very rewarding project. I now have ample power and extra capacity in my home electrical system for all my needs.