How to Wire a 3-Phase Distribution Board

I am going to walk you through the complete process of wiring a 3-phase distribution board from start to finish. This will allow you to fully understand all aspects of the wiring and have the confidence to wire your own 3-phase distribution board.

Planning the 3-Phase Distribution Board

The first step is planning out the 3-phase distribution board. This involves several key aspects:

Cables and Wiring

The next stage is preparing the cables, din rail and accessories ready for installation.

Mounting the Components

Now we can start mounting the various components:

Wiring up the Distribution Board

We can now start wiring up the components:

Testing and Commissioning

The final vital stage is testing and commissioning:

The distribution board is now fully installed, tested and ready to be permanently energized. Following the steps outlined will result in a safe, compliant and reliable distribution board installation. Let me know if you have any other questions!