How to Wire a Hot Tub in 5 Easy Steps

Installing electrical wiring for a hot tub is an important task that requires knowledge of electrical codes and safety practices. With careful planning and by following local regulations, you can wire a hot tub safely in just a few steps. In this guide, I will walk through the process of wiring a hot tub from start to finish.

Step 1: Choose the Right Location

The first step is choosing the right location for your hot tub. There are a few key factors to consider:

I chose to place my hot tub in the corner of my backyard patio. This spot met all the criteria - easy access through the back door, level concrete pad, subpanel on the exterior wall 20 feet away, and graded slope for drainage.

Step 2: Install Electrical Subpanel

With the tub location chosen, the next step is to install a subpanel to power the hot tub separately from the main house electrical system.

I installed a 60 amp outdoor subpanel with a 60 amp GFCI breaker. I mounted it on the exterior wall of my home, about 15 feet from the hot tub location. THHN wiring in 1" conduit connects it to the 200 amp main breaker panel.

Step 3: Run Electrical Wires to the Hot Tub

With the subpanel installed, it's time to run the wiring from the subpanel to the hot tub:

I trenched a path 18 inches deep between my subpanel and hot tub pad area. I buried 1" Schedule 80 PVC conduit with 4 THHN wires inside - 2 hots, 1 neutral, and 1 ground. The conduit slopes down towards the subpanel.

Step 4: Connect Wiring to the Hot Tub

With the wiring run to the hot tub location, the next step is making the final connections:

I pulled the 4 wires from the conduit and connected them to the terminal block inside the hot tub's equipment compartment - black hot, red hot, white neutral, green/bare ground. The onboard GFCI breaker connects to the terminal block. I used waterproof wire nuts rated for wet locations.

Step 5: Turn Power On and Test

The final step is to turn on the power and test the hot tub:

With the breakers on, I filled the hot tub with water first. I then powered it on and cycled through each hydro jet and lighting feature. Everything worked properly. The GFCI test button successfully cut power when pressed. The hot tub is now wired correctly and ready for safe enjoyment!

Following these 5 key steps carefully will help you wire your hot tub safely and efficiently. Be sure to follow all local electrical codes and verify that all connections are waterproof and GFCI protected. Take the time to do it right, and your hot tub will provide years of reliable service. Let me know if you have any other hot tub wiring questions!