How to Wire Your Factory to Code Without Boring Yourself to Death


Wiring a factory to incorporate code and automation can seem like a daunting task. As an operations manager, I used to dread the long hours spent pouring over complex manuals and wiring diagrams. However, with the right approach, you can implement coding and automation in a way that is engaging and energizing. Here are my tips for wiring your factory to code without losing your mind from boredom.

Learn the Basics First

Before diving headfirst into coding your factory equipment, take time to learn the basics. Understanding core concepts like:

Will give you the foundation you need to start automating confidently. Take online courses, read programming and electrical engineering books, and don't be afraid to ask questions. Getting the basics down will prevent you from being totally lost when you start writing and deploying code.

Start Small, But Dream Big

When starting to wire your factory for coding and automation, it's tempting to try and change everything at once. However, start with small, self-contained projects to get your feet wet. Some good starter projects include:

As you get more comfortable, you can tackle more ambitious projects. But keep your vision big! Know where you ultimately want to take your factory automation, and let that motivate you through the small steps.

Make It a Team Effort

Automating a factory requires expertise across electrical, mechanical, and software engineering. Unless you're an exceptionally gifted polymath, you'll need help. Assemble a team including:

Meet regularly to brainstorm ideas, divide up tasks, and educate each other. Coding a factory takes all skill sets, so make it a team effort. This will also help it feel like an engaging group project rather than a solo boring chore.

Make It a Game

Gamification uses game elements like points, levels, and achievements to drive engagement with non-game tasks. Apply gamification principles to your factory coding to stay motivated. For example:

Setting playful goals and rewards will keep your automation project fun rather than dull. Gamification platforms like Habiticia can help you track your team's progress.

Celebrate Small Wins

Re-wiring a factory for automation is a long journey with lots of challenges along the way. Celebrate the small wins so you don't lose steam. For example:

Promoting and celebrating small achievements creates a culture where coding the factory feels energizing, not mind-numbing.


Automating your factory with code may seem intimidating and potentially boring. However, by learning the basics, starting small, collaborating, gamifying the process, and celebrating often, you can implement automation in a way that fascinates and inspires you and your team. The process of coding your factory can be an exciting adventure rather than a snooze-fest if approached intentionally. With persistence and passion, you'll transform your outdated factory into a sleek, automated powerhouse.