How to Wire Your Garden Gnome Speakers

How to Wire Your Garden Gnome Speakers


Wiring speakers into your garden gnomes is a fun way to add some whimsy and music to your outdoor space. With a little DIY knowledge, you can install mini speakers into your gnomes to play music or audio from your phone or other devices.

The key steps to wiring garden gnome speakers are:

Properly wiring the speakers allows you to enjoy music or audio outdoors without damaging your gnomes. This guide will walk through the full process step-by-step so you can easily add this magical feature to your yard or garden.

Selecting Mini Speakers

The first step is choosing small speakers that will fit inside your gnome.

Important factors to consider include:

I recommend USB-powered desktop speakers as they are compact, provide good sound, and easily hook up to phones, computers or MP3 players.

Hollow Out Your Gnome

Once you've selected speakers that will fit, the next step is hollowing out space inside your garden gnome.

Be sure to:

Go slowly and be gentle when hollowing out the gnome to avoid cracking or breaking it. The opening should be centered if drilling through the back or off to one side if drilling through the base.

Installing the Speakers and Wiring

With the speakers tested in the gnome, it's time to securely install them and add the wiring.

To install speakers:

For the wiring:

Installing speakers and wiring fully inside the gnome keeps everything hidden and protected. Only small speaker holes on the exterior should be visible.

Connecting Your Audio Source

The last step is connecting your phone, MP3 player or other device to play audio through your gnome speakers.

For wired speakers:

For wireless Bluetooth speakers:

Other options for audio sources:

The audio options are endless! Just ensure your device is able to withstand the outdoor environment. Then enjoy your gnome's magical music in your garden.


Adding speakers to garden gnomes is an easy and whimsical way to play music outside. By hollowing out space, installing mini speakers and wiring, then connecting an audio source, you can give your gnome its own musical voice. Pay close attention when creating the hollow opening so as not to damage your gnome. Be creative with adding wired or wireless speakers, and powering them with standard or unique audio sources. Soon your garden gnome will be singing along as you work or relax outdoors!