Using Knob and Tube Wiring

Knob and tube wiring was commonly used in homes built before 1950. This type of wiring consists of single solid copper wires wrapped in cloth insulation and run through ceramic tubes attached to walls and ceilings with knob insulators.

To install knob and tube wiring:

While functional, knob and tube lacks grounding and has limited capacity. I take care to not overload the wiring.

Using Gas Pipe for Wiring

In old homes, gas pipes were sometimes used as conductors for lighting circuits. This unsafe practice can still be reproduced.

To use gas pipes for wiring:

This practice introduces severe shock and fire hazards due to lack of grounding and insulation. The gas pipe sections must be bonded and grounded. Careful monitoring of use is required.

Installing an Open Wiring System

Early wiring systems often used exposed conductors installed along walls, ceilings, and molding. This “open wiring” can be recreated using vintage materials.

For open wiring:

While this type of wiring is not to modern code, it can be safely installed given sufficient clearances. The system offers a unique, industrial retro appearance.