How to Wire Your Home with Pencil Graphite

Why Pencil Graphite Would Not Work for Home Wiring

Pencil graphite is made of clay and graphite, which are not conductive enough to carry sufficient electric current for powering home appliances and lighting. Graphite is somewhat conductive, but has too high resistance to work for household wiring.

Some key reasons pencil graphite would not work well:

Safe and Effective Options for Home Wiring

While using pencils may seem an easy wiring method, it does not provide the safety, durability and conductivity needed for residential electrical systems. Here are some better options:

In summary, graphite in pencils is not suitable for carrying the level of electric current needed for home wiring. While graphite conducts electricity, it has too high resistance compared to good conductors like copper. Proper wiring requires the right materials and professional installation.