How to Wire Your Home Without Dying: Forgotten Methods Our Ancestors Used

I have decided to take on the daunting task of wiring my home without professional help. While this may seem dangerous, our ancestors did it all the time using methods that have been forgotten in the modern era. With some research and caution, I believe I can revive these techniques to safely wire my home and save money.

Understanding Electrical Basics

Before I can start stringing wire, I need to understand some electrical basics. This will help me avoid mistakes that could literally be shocking. Here are a few key things I will research:

Gathering Supplies

Wiring a house requires an assortment of supplies. Here are some essentials I'll need:

Safety First

Working with electricity is inherently dangerous. Our ancestors handled it with caution, and so will I by observing these precautions:

Tapping into Existing Wiring

One of the easiest ways to expand wiring in my home is to tap into existing lines. I can add new branches by:

This allows me to run new outlets or lights without having to pull wires through finished walls. Our ancestors commonly bus-tapped existing electrical runs when adding fixtures. The key is using adequate wire gauge and junction boxes to avoid overloading.

Fishing Wire Through Finished Walls

When existing lines aren't available, I'll need to fish wires through finished walls. This takes more work but isn't impossible:

Patience and persistence are required for fishing wire. Our resourceful ancestors improvised tools like hooks and rods to weasel wire through cramped spaces. Taking it slow and steady will enable me to replicate their success.

Installing New Circuits

When I need to add major new circuits with heavier loads, more extensive work is required:

Our forefathers knew how to split and extend electrical circuits to add capacity. By replicating their methods while adhering to modern code, I can help my home grow.


While daunting, wiring my home without a professional is possible by reviving techniques from the past. With research, caution and methodical work, I can replicate our ancestors' success at expanding electrical capacity. Their resourcefulness and attention to safety will guide me in avoiding hazards and sparks. By taking it slow and steady, I'll get the lighting, outlets and appliances my home needs without getting zapped!