How to Wire Your Own Electrical System (And Why You Probably Shouldn’t)

How to Wire Your Own Electrical System (And Why You Probably Shouldn't)


Wiring your own home's electrical system can seem like an appealing DIY project. As a handy homeowner, I'm always looking for ways to save money and gain more control over my living space. However, electrical work is incredibly dangerous and requires years of training and experience to perform safely. While it may be technically possible for an amateur to wire basic electrical circuits, I strongly advise against attempting to wire an entire residential electrical system on your own. In this article, I'll explain the basics of home electrical systems, the risks involved, and why you probably shouldn't wire your own home.

How Electrical Systems Work

Here's a quick overview of how residential electrical systems function:

While this is a simplified overview, it should convey that residential electrical systems are complex. Successfully installing one requires in-depth knowledge of electrical theory and codes.

Dangers of DIY Electrical Wiring

So why shouldn't you wire your own home? Below are some of the major risks:

These severe risks should make any rational person think twice before attempting DIY electrical wiring. While you may save on labor costs, the risks far outweigh any potential rewards.

Why Electrical Wiring Should be Left to the Professionals

To help further illustrate why you probably shouldn't wire your own home, let's look at some key reasons to leave this work to qualified electricians:

Paying a professional is a small price to avoid the considerable risks of faulty home wiring. Hiring a licensed electrician is the smart choice.


In closing, I cannot recommend that any homeowner attempt to wire their own residential electrical system. The risks of fire, electrocution, and liability issues simply outweigh any potential cost savings. Home electrical wiring is a job for highly trained professionals only. While basic electrical repairs may be DIY-friendly, installing an entire system is not. If you need new or upgraded wiring, contact local licensed electricians to discuss your options. They have the skills to complete the job safely, legally, and up to code. When dealing with electricity, it's better to be safe than sorry!

*Always check your local laws and permitting regulations before beginning any electrical work.