Improving the Reliability and Safety of Obsolete Wiring Systems in Industrial Facilities


As an industrial facility manager, keeping my plant's electrical systems up-to-date and safe is one of my top priorities. However, many older facilities like mine still have obsolete wiring systems that are unreliable and pose safety risks. In this article, I will discuss the challenges of maintaining antique wiring and outline solutions for upgrading and improving outdated electrical infrastructure.

The Risks of Obsolete Electrical Systems

Industrial facilities often utilize electrical systems that are decades old. While regular maintenance helps preserve their function, antiquated wiring has inherent reliability and safety issues:

Frequent Failures and Costly Repairs

Fire and Electrocution Hazards

Inability to Meet Modern Power Demands

These reliability and safety issues make evident the need to upgrade obsolete electrical infrastructure in industrial facilities. But cost and business disruption concerns often deter such projects. Next, I will explore solutions that improve old wiring systems efficiently and economically.

Prioritizing and Replacing Obsolete Wiring

Targeted replacements of the oldest and most critical electrical infrastructure can vastly improve reliability and safety:

Focus on High Risk and High Failure Areas

Upgrade Main and Distribution Wiring First

Install New Dedicated Circuits for Vital Equipment

By methodically replacing the highest risk wiring, I can optimize my limited capital budgets while steadily improving safety and reliability.

Implementing Short Term Mitigation Measures

While planning major upgrades, I can also implement some inexpensive improvements to enhance obsolete wiring safety:

Increase Inspections and Preventive Maintenance

Install Arc Flash Mitigation Systems

Deploy Wireless Condition Monitoring

These kinds of inexpensive monitoring and protection improvements buy time while planning major infrastructure upgrades.

Key Takeaways on Improving Obsolete Electrical Wiring

Upgrading aging electrical infrastructure in industrial plants is essential but often delayed due to cost and business disruption concerns. However, I can still enhance my old wiring reliability and safety by:

Prioritizing my capital spending combined with deploying short term solutions will allow me to steadily modernize my obsolete wiring. This will drastically bolster electrical safety and reliability, while aligning with budget constraints and minimizing down time. With some creativity and diligence, I can transform my facility's hazardous antiquated wiring into a modern safe and resilient electrical infrastructure.