Industrial Wiring for the Forgotten Fields: Reviving Antiquated Standards in Niche Applications


With the rise of digital technology and automation, many industries have moved on from antiquated wiring standards. However, some niche fields still utilize older forms of wiring due to specialized equipment or processes. Updating these systems can be challenging, but is often necessary for efficiency, safety, and compatibility. In this article, I will examine industrial wiring for niche applications and discuss methods for modernizing while maintaining integrity.

Assessing Existing Systems

Before making any changes, a thorough assessment should be conducted. This involves:

Documenting Current Setup

Evaluating Condition

Identifying Weak Points

Choosing New Materials

When selecting updated wiring, key factors include:


Conduits and Raceways

Installation Considerations

Routing and Securing

Shielding and Separation





Revamping wiring for the forgotten fields requires thoughtfully blending old and new technology. By thoroughly assessing existing systems, choosing suitable modern components, properly installing and documenting the upgrade, antiquated wiring can be brought up to current standards - improving safety, reliability, and capabilities.