“Overlooked Ways to Cut Costs When Installing New Electrical Wiring in Your Business”

Overlooked Ways to Cut Costs When Installing New Electrical Wiring in Your Business

Installing new electrical wiring in your business can be an expensive endeavor, but there are several effective yet overlooked ways to cut costs in the process. As a business owner looking to upgrade your electrical system while staying within your budget, being aware of these cost-saving measures is key.

Audit and Evaluate Your Current Electrical System

Before doing any upgrades, the first step should be thoroughly evaluating your current electrical system. This allows you to identify problem areas or deficiencies that need addressing. Rather than a full re-wiring, you may be able to get by with more targeted upgrades. An audit can determine if your main service panel needs upgrading, if wiring needs to be replaced, or if additions need to be made to support new equipment. Understanding exactly what needs to be done prevents overspending.

I called in a certified electrician to audit my current wiring and provide recommendations on where upgrades were needed. The audit cost me $300, but it saved me thousands in unnecessary re-wiring costs. I ended up only having to upgrade my service panel and run new wiring to add some new outlets.

Shop Around for the Best Deals on Materials

Electrical wiring projects require purchasing wire, conduit, boxes, outlets, breakers, and other materials. The costs can add up quickly if you don't shop around for the best deals. Big box stores are convenient but may not offer the lowest prices on large material orders. Compare prices at electrical supply houses to find better bulk rates on the items you need.

I saved over 20% on my material costs by ordering from a local electrical supply company instead of the big home improvement store. Make sure to factor in delivery charges if needed, and don't be afraid to negotiate pricing. Every dollar saved is money that stays in your pocket.

Consider Lower-Cost Wiring Options

Running all new conduit and boxes can drive up wiring costs quickly. Consider lower-cost options that still meet safety codes:

Evaluating places where you can utilize these types of lower-cost options without sacrificing safety or function will stretch your budget further. I saved nearly $2,000 by using surface-mount conduit and smaller boxes where permitted by code.

Consider DIY Work Where Allowed

Depending on the complexity of the project, you may be able to safely DIY portions of the work to reduce labor costs. However, you must research local electrical codes first, as some work must be done by licensed electricians depending on your municipality. Things like:

This is not advisable for complex wiring tasks, service panel upgrades, or anything else outside your skill level. I was able to save over $1,500 by handling the basic tasks myself in compliance with my local codes.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading electrical service in your business is a major undertaking, but doesn't have to drain your accounts if you're smart about it. Being strategic in evaluating your specific needs, shopping around for prices, utilizing cost-effective materials, and taking on DIY work where qualified can potentially yield major savings. Of course, safety should also remain the top priority. But following these tips allows you to provide your business with modern, code-compliant electrical systems while sticking to your budget.