“Saving Money By Installing Your Own Commercial Lighting”

Saving Money By Installing Your Own Commercial Lighting

Installing commercial lighting in your business can seem intimidating, but tackling it as a DIY project can save you a lot of money. With some planning, the right materials, and safety precautions, you can successfully illuminate your commercial space.

Assessing Your Lighting Needs

The first step is determining what types of lighting you need and where.

Consider Lighting Levels

Choose Locations Strategically

Select the Right Bulbs

Purchasing Commercial Grade Fixtures

Commercial lighting must withstand long hours of continuous use. Purchase commercial grade fixtures made from durable materials like steel, aluminum, and high-impact plastic.

Types of Fixtures

Quality and Rating

Hiring an Electrician

While DIY installation is great for cost savings, you may need to hire an electrician for:

Questions to Ask Potential Electricians

Safety Precautions

Follow these safety tips when installing lighting:

Installing commercial lighting is an achievable DIY project for many business owners. With diligent planning and adherence to electrical best practices, you can save substantially on lighting costs. Pay attention to lighting design, purchase commercial grade fixtures, consider hiring an electrician where needed, and exercise safety. Your business will be brighter and your wallet too!