Updating Electrical Wiring in Older Industrial Buildings

Updating Electrical Wiring in Older Industrial Buildings


Updating and maintaining electrical wiring in older industrial buildings is crucial for safety, efficiency, and staying compliant with modern electrical codes. However, this can be a complex and expensive undertaking that requires careful planning and execution. In this article, I will provide an in-depth guide on major considerations when updating electrical systems in dated industrial facilities.

Assessing the Existing Electrical System

The first step is thoroughly evaluating the current electrical system. This includes:

Thorough assessment determines what needs repair, replacement or expansion for a safe and sufficient electrical system. I would consult a qualified electrical engineer for large industrial buildings.

Upgrading Service Capacity

Industrial facilities often need upgraded electrical service to meet modern power demands. This may involve:

Proper service upgrades prevent overloading, ensure reliable power to all equipment, and improve safety. Load calculations by an engineer guide required capacity.

Replacing Outdated Wiring

Beyond the main service, systematically upgrading old wiring throughout the building is a key task:

Systematic rewiring ensures reliable power distribution and safety. I would hire a licensed electrician for this complex task.

Additional Safety Upgrades

Beyond wiring, industrial electrical upgrades should include:

These measures, along with proper wiring, are essential for a safe industrial electrical system. I would have upgrades inspected for code compliance.

Managing Costs

Electrical upgrades in aging industrial buildings can be very costly. Here are tips to reduce expenses:

With good planning and cost management, critical electrical upgrades can be executed without breaking the bank.

Maintaining the Upgraded System

Once electrical systems are updated, I would institute an ongoing maintenance program:

Proactive maintenance ensures an upgraded electrical system will continue providing safe and reliable power over the long run. I would make it standard operating procedure.


Updating outdated and insufficient electrical systems in old industrial buildings is a complex but vitally important undertaking. Careful assessment provides the blueprint for required upgrades. Systematic wiring and service capacity improvements tailored to current and future needs are essential, as are additional safety features. With good planning, phased upgrades, and ongoing maintenance, industrial electrical systems can be modernized in a safe and cost-effective manner over time. A qualified electrical engineer and licensed electrician are critical partners for navigating significant upgrades smoothly and successfully.